• Armistice
  • My Gallipoli
  • An Anzac Tale
  • Captain Congo and the Crocodile King
  • Captain Congo and the Maharajah's Monkey
  • Captain Congo and the Klondike Gold
  • Fill Out This Application and Wait Over There
  • Captain Stella
  • Thorpey
  • Noodle Pie
  • Catland
  • Orphans of the Queen
  • Stella by the Sea
  • Muck-Up Day
  • NIPS Go National

Ruth visits St Johns Concordia Junior College

Ruth visited St Johns Concordia Junior College in Highgate on Monday and was delighted to receive this terrific collage they'd made of characters from her books! 

The collage includes Captain Congo and Pug, Stella by the sea, Rose from Catland and even Thorpey the fish.

Thanks, guys!

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