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My Gallipoli

Illustrated by Robert Hannaford
Working Title Press, 2015
ISBN: 978 1 921504 76 1

From the shores of Anzac Cove to the heights of Chunuk Bair, from Cape Helles to Gurkha Bluff, the Gallipoli Peninsula was the place where thousands of men from sixteen nations fought, suffered, endured or died during the eight months of occupation in 1915.

For each of them, their families and their nurses, Gallipoli meant something different. Their voices emerge from the landscape and across the decades with stories of courage, valour, despair and loss.

In Ruth Starke's moving text, direct accounts of real participants such as the Australian war correspondent C.E.W. Bean and Turkish commander Mustafa Kemal, mingle with factual accounts from a host of fictional characters, to provide a broad history of Gallipoli  - from the months immediately before the landing at Anzac Cove in April 1915 through to the Allied retreat and the aftermath of the first World War - to the present day commemoration ceremonies at the site of this historic campaign.

The strong atmospheric artwork of renowned artist Robert Hannaford is a perfect complement to Starke's sweeping text.


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  • "Very poignant... beautifully illustrated... brilliant... insightful... five stars," Goodreads
  •  "My Gallipoli belongs to that wonderful class of books that leaves us better people for reading it," The Book Chook
  • "A real-life, comprehensive view of those hard, bloody days. Interesting and well-written multi-narrative viewpoints; this is not just about Australia’s role in the battle, but an overall view," Buzzwords Books
  • "Starke is genius at capturing the moment... She masterfully connects the reader to all those touched by the doomed campaign," Boomerang Books.
  • "Incredible...  An inclusive and well-researched overview of the landing at Gallipoli and the people it touched," My Little Bookcase
  • "A powerful book... A wonderful resource," BookTrailers4KidsAndYa.
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