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Ruth's England tour 2008

A Noodle Pie fan from England.
Ruth went on a tour of schools in England in April, 2008, including: Whitehall Primary, Brocks Hill Primary, Linden Primary and Woodhouse Primary (all in Leicester); Edgewick Community School (Coventry); and Burgoyne Middle School, Westfield Middle School, Woodland Middle School and Gilbert Inglefield Middle School (all in Bedfordshire).

Check out the photos from her trip below - maybe you're in one!

Ruth's books are available in the UK from:

Roving Books
3 Kirkby Road,
Desford. Leicester. LE9 9GL

Phone: 0116 251 9151

At Woodland Middle School, Bedfordshire, England.

At Woodhouse Primary School, Leicester, England.

At Westfield Middle School, Bedfordshire, England.

Ruth with Neymat, Rukhsar, Khadijah and Adan at Whitehall Primary School, Leicester, England.

At Gilbert Ingelfield Middle School, Bedfordshire, England.

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